Precision Teaching Course (in English)


Precision Teaching is a technique for making informed decisions about learning processes. Short data recording intervals are used where students practice target behaviors. The data collected is recorded on a special graph, called the Standard Celeration Chart, and is used by teachers to see if the intervention is working or if changes need to be made. All without waiting too long: three days without a change in the data already means that a change needs to be made.

What will you learn

At the end of the course participants will be able to apply Precision Teaching principles in their professional fields and design effective teaching interventions tailored to the needs of their pupils, students or children and take informed decisions.

How the Course works

The course is designed as one to one sessions to specifically meet your interests and needs.

  • It takes place online on the ClickMeeting platform. The lesson calendar is established together to meet your needs before you enroll in the course itself. Just send an email to
  • It is divided into four lessons, each lasting between an hour and a half and two hours (depending on how the discussions go).
  • It includes two follow up sessions of 45 minutes each (to be scheduled in the following two months) to help you to best apply Precision Teaching in your professional field.

If you are part of a group of professionals we can find the best solution for you, including registrations at a discounted price. The pair of parents pays for one person and both can participate. Just send an email to for further information


Course Topics

  • What is Precision Teaching
  • Areas of application
  • The data: behavior and frequencies. How to use them in an informed educational intervention
  • Learn how to use the Standard Celeration Chart in the two versions: daily and daily to the minute. All aspects of the graph will be explained in detail, providing participants with many practice opportunities.
  • Behavioral fluency: what it is and everyone needs it
  • How to combine TAGteach and Precision Teaching
  • Practice on data recorded by participants

PDF files of the Standard Celeration Chart and Excel templates will be provided to facilitate your work. Furthermore, articles and scientific publications relevant to the course topics will be provided, in PDF format.

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