Wlecome to our page! Here you will find all the info you need to enjoy the TAGteach World Summit and the beautiful Verona.

Quoting Shakespeare: "There is no world without Verona walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself. Hence-banished is banish'd from the world, And world's exile is death"


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First things first!


Don Bosco Institute

Web site: http://www.salesianiverona.it/

Address: Stradone Antonio Provolo 16, 37123 Verona, Italy

The Don Bosco Institute is in downtown Verona. It is a five minute walk to the ancient Roman Arena, Castelvecchio and more. When the Conference is finished for the day you can relax and enjoy the town just stepping ou the door!



By plane: Verona has an airport well connected with the main european international airports. Venice also has an international airport and easy access to trains that will take you to Verona.

 There is a bus line between Verona's airport and the town. The buses stop at the Trains Station which is 10 min. walk from Don Bosco Institute. If your luggages are heavy, and you prefer, there are few bus lines which connect the train station to Don Bosco Institute. 


Click here for the City Buses timeline



By Car: Highway A4,exit Verona Sud. Then go to the downtown. There will be parking inside Don Bosco Institute will host our cars in its parking lots.


By Train: Railway Milano Venezia. All the trains stop in Verona Trains Station. From here take a 10 min walk or pick up a bus






  1. You do not need a visa to enter Italy.
  2. You may enter Italy with a valid passport.
  3. When entering Italy, the border authorities may ask to see documentation justifying the reasons for and duration of your stay.


Further information: http://www.esteri.it/visti/home_eng.asp


After the trip, nothing looks more comfortable than your hotel room. 

Verona is full of cozy hotels. Here are just a few suggestions.


Don Bosco Institute. Here you can find  rooms for a really convenient price.

  • 32,5€ for night in double room
  • 42,5€ for night in single room


Write an email to Don Carlo Lievore for booking and further information: lievorecarlo@salesianiverona.it







Hotel Scalziwww.hotelscalzi.it/ 

Hotel Scalzi is offering us a 10% off if you book the rrom before May 15. If you're interested send an e-mail to: info@hotelscalzi.it . Write: "BOOKING TAGTEACH CONFERENCE" in the Object and adress the e-mail to Patrizia o Sofia.


Other Hotels:

Hotel Valverde: http://www.hotelvalverde.com/

Hotel Giberti: http://www.hotelgiberti.it/it/verona

Hotel San Luca: http://www.sanlucahotel.com/


AIRBNB: this is an interesting opportunity to rent a room or an apartment in private houses. If you're interested in low prices and a taste of Italian living this could be your choice: https://www.airbnb.it

Hotels list - Verona
A downloadable list of some of Verona's hotels
hotel list in verona.docx
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let's start with a quick tour of the town, just to see what's going on:

Click here 


Spritz is a low alcoholic drink. It's consumed just before meals.

Ok, just to make this clear: we don't drink Spritz before every meal... Sometimes, when you're in the right place with the right people a Spritz is just perfect.


If this is your first time in Verona I strongly raccomend you to enjoy your first Spritz in one of the historical Caffè in Piazza Erbe.


And the most historical of all is: "Caffè Filippini"



In downtown Verona there is plenty of Cafè, Bar etc etc. you'll find a good coffe almost everywhere.



Your first Caffè in Verona should be taken at Caffè Tubino in Corso Porta Borsari (click here for some reviews)




Looking for some relax? Then the Garda Lake's side close to Verona it's your place! Within 20-30 km from Verona you can visit some of the most amazing towns in northern Italy: Bardolino, LaziseGarda, Torri are waiting with you together with our pearl: Sirmione.

There are plenty of hotels and restaurant if want bring your vacation to the next level.

From Verona there are buses to all these towns. Ciick here for the timetable.

My first choice? Well, you can't flight away without a visit to Sirmione and to the Grottoes of Catullo,

The roman remains commonly known as Grottoes of Catullo.
The roman remains commonly known as Grottoes of Catullo.

but, I highly suggest you to visit Torri del Benaco with its Castle and the lemon house. This is the last, still working lemon house of all the Garda Lake. The cultivation of lemon trees beagn in this area around the XVI Century. Torri's Lemon house was established in 1760! Click here for info about the Castle (and its Museum)

Torri's Castle with the lemon house.
Torri's Castle with the lemon house.


TAGteach International is pleased to offer you a unique experience in one of the most historical cities in the world.   Each conference day, professional archeologist and educator Luca Canever will take a limited number attendees on a two-hour walking tour of Verona. You’ll walk among medieval churches and buildings, ancient Roman roads, and discover hidden corners of Verona.

  Our personal guide, Luca Canever, is a Level 3 TAGteacher, professional educator, and archaeologist in Verona. He has excavated Greek gravesites in Adria, a pre-Roman town in Padova, and even an ancient glass factory beneath the conference site.

Luca says this about the tour for conference attendees:   Don’t expect Juliet’s Balcony or the Roman Arena. Those can be found on any tour. You will be treated to the unexpected. I’ll show you where people gathered and tell you how they actually lived in ancient times. You’ll visit Romeo’s house and hear the living history of Verona from a historian’s point of view.  

Our tour will begin from the Don Bosco Institute and continue along Corso Cavour, Arco dei Gavi and then enter Roman Town through the Porta Borsari. We’ll explore what Roman Citizens did in time of danger and how they quickly built new city walls.   Do you like coffee? We’ll stop at Caffè Tubino, a historic shop full of every kind of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!   Then we will cross the beautiful Piazza Erbe and Piazza Dante. Here, in the heart of Medieval Verona, I will introduce you to a man who’s been smiling from his grave for 700 years. We’ll travel more Roman roads and through an ancient market square before winding up the tour at Caffè Filippini" for the classic Italian Aperitif - the Spritz   

 WHEN: Each Conference Day from 5.30 to 7.30 p.m. Tours are open to only 20 people.   

 BOOKING: Email info@tagteachitalia.com with the day you want to join the tour.


We are planning a touch of historic-artistic adventure. Verona Rafting is a society which provides amazing rubber boats rides down the river Adige, just in the middle of downtown Verona. It's a two hours ride for all the level of competence. Adige Rafting will provide us transportation from Don Bosco to the starting point and back.

If you had have wondered how is to ride under a roman bridge or to visit a medieval town form its river, don't miss this opportunity!

Besides, paddling  will be a chance to try new tag points!!!

COSTS: 16€ each 

BOOKING: email to info@tagteachitalia.com

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