Bookings will start March 15, 2013
  • 13 Sept 2013 9:30 AM 
  • 15 Sept 2013 5.00 PM 
  • via Sorte 30, Bagnolo di Nogarole Rocca (VERONA - ITALY)
  • 20  (working spots) + 10 (listeners) 
  • Registration (CLICK HERE)
290€ (listener)
  • Tagteachers
340€ (working spot);
250€ (listener)
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Travel Info:

Local Airport: Aeroporto di Verona (aprox 20 mins from Bagnolo). There are taxi and private shuttles. Train Station: Verona Porta Nuova. From here there are taxi or buses (click here for the timetable) There is bus service from the Airport to the Train Station




Terry Ryan has been a dog trainer and instructor since 1968. She is the president of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, Inc., a school that specializes in reward-based dog training methods.

She was Program Coordinator for the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State Universitys. 

 She has written over 300 articles on dog training and many books. Currently she conducts guest webinars for a variety of behavior and training organizations.

 Her Legacy’s Training Center in Washington State hosts several long-term international courses.  Numerous times a year Terry teaches the Karen Pryor (Clicker Training) Academy.

(Click here for  Terry’s Bio)




About ten years ago, Luca had an idea: to give his girlfriend a puppy as a birthday gift. The puppy, named Iris was a starting point. After a few months, Luca bought a Clicker and started to train Iris, he achieved the CAP3 certification in 2006. After the CAP3 certification, Luca started his career as a professional dog trainer, even though his main activity remains Archaeology. 

In 2008, Luca’s first son, Alessandro, was born. As a new parent, Luca became more focused  towards using positive reinforcement with his son. Karen Pryor’s «Reaching the animal mind» introduced him to TAGteach. Luca has used TAGteach with volleyball and basketball teams, with his clients and as a parent. He also learned medieval swordplay with his nephew using TAGteach.

In 2012 he achieved the Level 3 Certification as TAGteacher.



Also starring: Theresa McKeon!

About the seminar: 

This seminar is born from the desire to bring a unique and innovative experience in Italy. The basic idea was born by accident, when the owner of a company, that provide safety training for major companies found the Karen Pryor’s book "Don’t  shoot the dog!" Affected by the new way in which the book discusses the topic of  teaching the owner contacted Karen Pryor who suggested her to contact Terry Ryan and Theresa McKeon (TAGteach International) to study a seminar that would help a fishermen’s crew  (they’re located in the Bering Sea) developing new skills for interacting with peers in a positive and reinforcing way. The results of the seminar were:

  • drastic reduction of accidents on board;
  • better quality of work;
  • more earnings.


 At present, the “Fishermen seminars”, so they are familiarly called, are held several times a year at Terry Ryan’s Dog Legacy Center.

To Train  a Chicken using clicker training means to develop skills in:

  • reinforcing the desired behavior;
  • identifying what you want;
  • keeping a "positive" attitude even when things go wrong.

TAGteach can bring these new tools in our relationships with others, they could be children, co-workers, family members or our pets.


After the experience with the fishermen, for the very first time, this seminar is presented publicly. The aim, already stated in the title, is to discover together what lessons we can take and use in everyday life from training a chicken.

A sentence from a fisherman, best summarizes our goals: "If I can teach to a chicken I can surely do the same with a collegue of mine!"


Who Should attend: 

Do you deal with children? Are you are a teacher or a trainer? Are you parents on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Do you train and educate coworkers and employees? Do you train or are  interested in any sport? Do you  train dogs, cats, horses etc etc or you own one? This Seminar is for you!

Attendees from all backgrounds are welcome. 


What is TAGteach?

TAGteach is a teaching and training technology based on the application of the science of behavior that focuses on the structured application of positive reinforcement.

                TAGteach combines the science of learning with the precision of elite sport coaching to create a positive program that supports both the student and the teacher. The technology can be applied with any age, population or skill level.

  • Quickly increase client success rate. 
  • Instantly reduce client anxiety.
  • Turn nag points into “tag points”.
  • Increase the ‘fun’ quotient for you and the learner 

This seminar uses interactive video, lecture, games and lots of hands on practice to ensure that you will gain the foundation skills needed to bring TAGteach back to your individual field and begin using it. 



From English to Italian and vice versa



Via Sorte 30 – 37060 Bagnolo di Nogarole Rocca (VR) – Italia  

Tel. +39 0457920067  - Fax +39 045 6393028                        



Agriturismo Corte Spino provides rooms and apartaments with kitchen. Campers are welcome. Please contact the Agriturismo for booking your place and all other details.

Other nearby Hotels:

  • Corte Castelletto: Via IX maggio 47, 37060 Nogarole Rocca -
  • Hotel Da Franco: Via S. Leonardo 11, 37060 Nogarole Rocca -
  • Corte Della Rocca: Via Torre Storta 6, 37060 Nogarole Rocca -



Chickens worry about predators.  We worry about predators around chickens.  Many dogs become reactive and “unpredictable” around prey animals.  Dogs are not invited to chicken training workshops.  For these reasons Ddogs will not allowed inside the Agriturismo during the Camp.  Thank you.


Lunches & Dinners:

Lunches: at the Agriturismo. Vegetarian Dishes €15 each. Dinners at your choice: we can let you know the nearby Restaurants.

During Coffee breaks fruits, snacks and beverages will be available.

Contact Info:

Luca Canever:

Phone: +39 349-6069468



Seminar schedule.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 119.7 KB


 Days 1 and 2

Some of the topics will cover:

  • Mechanical Skills – drills for eye-hand coordination
  • Capturing and Shaping behaviors – in general and specifically to target training
  • Criteria Selection and Identification – what do you really want? 
  • Task Analysis – breaking it down
  • How to Be a Good Coach –including TAG teaching exercises
  • Keeping Records – Making a TAGulator (clicker provided)
  • Reinforcement:   what, when, how, where and more
  • Bridging Stimulus  - effective us of the marker
  • Lateral training – why chickens?
  • Overview of history of chicken training as an aid to dog trainers
  • Why discrimination is the root of all training
  • Teaching a discrimination, adding components

Note: according to our chickens’ mood (chicken go to sleep early) we reserve to present some of day-three topics in the late afternoon.

 Day 3:

  • How chicken training can help in human education
  • TAGteach basics
  • Practicing new skills.


Organizzato da. Luca Canever—Via Alfieri 2 37060 CASTEL D’AZZANO (VR) CFN: CNV LCU 68H11G914M P.IVA 03928530231