During her seminars Theresa McKeon tells that TAGteach works with everybody except with teen ager girls… To this specific part of mankind I should added till some days ago, also that: TAGteach doesn’t work between spouses either. I Thought there was too many emotional elements involved, too many fragile relationships…


LESSON: in order to get quicker the washing operations and piegatura bucato; particularly to the huge numbers of socks that YOU use at gym; at dog training, at home, at the office YOU HAVE to lave the socks right and not e bask side.

DIRECTIONS: when YOU take off your socks and YOU put them in the bucato basket check they’re dritti

THE TAG point is: Right side socks


Ladies and Gentelmen , let’s be serious!

We have here the perfect example for a “Road to Divorce” movie. Take off the socks, put them in the laundry basket (WHAT?!?) it’s a really complex matter. For us males loose in this way our ”rights”, it means to loose forever our pride! No!, I’m sorry, this TAGteach stuff doesn’t works for my marriage. Don’t even talk to use backwards: from husband to wife. The management of the “nest” is (fortunately) a female stuff. We males can take part to this management just as simple sheer manpower. In this stuff we wait for orders, trying to do our best to keep our dear wives happy.


The girl, with whom I’m lucky to share my life, has a problem. She warms up beverages in the microwaves owen. She warms up the beverages and forgets them inside the microwaves. Obviously, it happens, I’m in a hurry, I open the microwave to defrost something for dinner (hold on: I’m good at coocking, I just don’t throw precooked meals inside the microwaves. And when she comes home after work she finds a good meal)and my plate hit the glass. All content around the microwave, I’ve to clean - clean – clean suppressing a tight series of expletives (I was in a hurry!).

A few nights ago it happened again. Fortunately this time it's just a glass of water. The first thought was to punish the behavior.

The punishment, we know, reduces the probability that a behavior will reoccur, it occurs after the behavior and the punished can not avoid it.

Me: "I do not want full glasses of liquids in the microwave, you left the glass in the oven, I'll teach you!!!."

Punishment: "you'll clean!"

Right, isn’t it?

Then I think.


I think that overall I am a TAGteacher am also a clicker trainer.

I think maybe I can find an alternative; I think that a bit 'of TAGteach could help.

I’ll try: if this fails I always have time to leave a post-it stuck on the microwave: "CLEAN!".

So for once I try to abandon the role of the sheer manpower, and I try to teach her something inside her nest.

LESSON: the microwave is great for hot drinks. It's cold in winter, what better than a cup of tea? But we must drink it hot otherwise I would not need to heat.

DIRECTIONS: When the microwave plays “ding”! (my microwave plays “ding”!) the drink is hot and ready for drinking.

The tag point is: "DRINK".

I hung a Tagulator on the microwave and attacked a Post-it: "The tag point is DRINK."


It works!

My relationship is still standing and the microwave oven is dry (also because I hung Tagulator serves as a reminder to make sure that inside there is a beverage forgotten). Not only that: my sweetie has found it funny and she enjoyed to pull down the beads

Indeed, once the oven has played its ” ding!” , I took out the glass to give it to her: she got angry!

"Hey! It ‘s up to me to take MY tea. Now I can not pull the bead! "


I'm sorry.

The only discussion we had was about the tag point: she wanted "OPEN THE OVEN". I chose "DRINK".

It is true that TAGteach’s guidelines tell it's always better to have the learner to choose the Tag point, but I wanted to be sure that the behavior was completed. "Open the oven" is just the first step to have an empty glass. You could open the oven and tagging behavior and I'd also found the full glass inside the microwave. Also TAGteach’s guidelines tell u that it is always better to start from something that our students already know and "DRINK" is certainly one thing she can do. Also, for drinking she must necessarily open the microwave. In addition, "DRINK" is an observable behavior and measurable and that's exactly what I want: an empty glass out of the microwave.

Well I was wrong. The TAGteach can also work between wife and husband.

I must go now.

I have to work on my tag point: "SOCKS right side"